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St Nick's Church

St Nick's Photo Gallery

Sunday Service 11/15/2009

A violin in its stand.
Band member Deidre's violin.
Episcopal priest preaching to the congregation.
Father Walt Harris preaching.
Church members shaking hands during the service.
Congregation members exchanging the peace.
A man reading announcements to a group of people.
Newsletter editor "The other" Bob reading the announcements. Others in the photo (left to right): band members Deidre, Kelly, worship leader Peter, Kala and Jerrica. Seated in first row: soundman Tom and treasurer Bob.
Three teenagers and an adult woman seated at a table.
edge members Pualei, Mike and Nicole sharing a table with Pualei's mother Cheryl.
Two women talking.
Nena talking with another church member.
A young girl scooping food onto her plate.
Young lady Ari scooping nacho chips onto her plate.