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Blessing of the Animals & Ice Cream Sunday 10/3/2010

The sound tech's view of rehearsal.
Photo by Kevin
Father Paul with Emma and Noah the Younger enjoying Joe and two of his dogs.
Photo by Kevin
Worship leader Kelly and his daughter Ashley practicing for her opening song.
Photo by Kevin
A lovely butterfly panorama before the late service.
Photo by Kevin
Panorama of Father Paul preaching.
A girl and her dog.
A small but tough dog.
"Of course I'm beautiful. That's why God made me!"
Three dogs who carefully coordinated the colors of their coats.
A view up the center aisle of Father Paul preaching.
A panting dog deals with the heat.
"Two-foot-two with eye of blue and, uh, one of brown."
A family with their dog sitting in the congregation.
Some visitors and their dogs in the congregation.
edge member Nicole leading the prayers.
A young lady smiling as Father Paul blesses her dog.
Our tall Father Paul blessing a very, very short dog!
Father Paul blessing his family dogs, with Noah the Younger, Emma and Sarah K in attendance.
Vicki having her dog blessed.
Nicole having her dog blessed.
Father Paul blessing Scott and Deanna's dog.
Father Paul blessing a visitor's dog.
Father Paul keeping a dog's attention while blessing it.
Father Paul blessing one of Terry and Bode's kittens.
Blessing J.D.'s dog, with a big smile on J.D.'s face.
Blessing Joe's littlest dog.
Noah the Younger and another boy his age demonstrating how young boy's exchange the peace.
Potrait: Vicki, Madison and family dog.
Cheryl looking ready for her appearance as a forensic pharmacist on Hawaii 5-0.
A line of children at the ice cream table.
A young lady scooping "Birthday Cake" ice cream.
edge members Pua and Nicole calligraphed blessing certificates for pet owners who wanted them.
Alex's new desert dish: li hing mui peaches with (melted ice cream) cream.
Marcia and Shauna cleaning up the greeter's table after the service.
Worship leader Kelly demonstrating his mastery of cable coiling.