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Children's sermon & Ice Cream Sunday 2/6/2011

Father Paul and his flashlights at the first service.
Father Paul beginning his children's sermon about being a light in the world.
A bunch of children that came forward to participate: Christine, Ashley, Noah the younger, Nick and Colin.
Singer Wynne (back) with her daughter during the service.
Rose and Malcom during the sermon.
Cheryl and Pua listening to the sermon.
Father Paul gesturing to show how we should hold our light up where others can see it.
In the congregation, singer Wynne laughs in response to something one of the children does.
Father Paul checking out a flashlight he shared with the children as an illustration of being the light of the world. This flashlight is waterproof and can be used in the pool!
Father Paul handing out a lamp used on your head during long Alaskan winter days.
Colin wearing the headlamp.
The row of children as Father Paul distributes flashlights.
Father Paul holding a big lamp, symbolizing Jesus who is the light of the world.
Father Paul illustrating the wrong way to use our light: focus it and shine it in other people's eyes. The right way is to use it to light their path!
Guitarist Peter laughing as the children shine their lights. With him are Aileen and their granddaughter.
Father Paul gesturing as he finishes up the sermon.
Father Paul and the children finishing the sermon with a rousing rendition of "This Little Light Of Mine".
View over the congregation as we say the creed together.
edge member Noah the elder leading the prayers.
Father Paul offering absolution after the confession.
At the refreshments table: Noah the elder, Ida, and hospitality team member Alice S.
Ice cream man Jeff celebrating another triumph.
A young Green Bay Packers fan with ice cream cone.
Treasurer Jeff holding daughter Hope.
A closeup of our banner of the risen Christ.