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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Services 2/20/2011

Panoramic view of the late service.
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul reading from the Old Testament during his sermon.
Moods of a preacher #1
Moods of a preacher #2
Moods of a preacher #3
View over the congregation reciting the Creed together.
Bishop's committee member Cheryl leading the prayers.
Exchanging the peace: Michael and Shauna shaking hands, with Peter M in the background.
Michael, Terry and one of their foster children.
Bob H putting on his "Doing the announcements" game face.
A big smile in the freshments line after the service.
Worship leader Kelly talking with treasurer Jeff D.
Newsletter editor Bob W talking with Jeff D.
People eating together after the servive: Aida, Kelly, Michael, Terry and children.
Kelly and Michael laughing.
The KidZone team conferring over the curriculum: Deidre, Sarah K, Father Paul, Kerry and Rose S.
Michelle H and Cheyenne bring a table into the cafeteria after the service.