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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Services 2/27/2011

Panoramic view over the congregation during the sermon.
Father Paul preaching.
View between Bob W and Luella of Father Paul preaching.
Bishop's committee member Cheryl leading the prayers.
Exchanging the peace: Father Paul, Luella, Marcia and others.
Exchanging the peace: Kerry and another man.
Newsletter editor Bob W looking through the announcements.
Hospitality team member Alice S handing bassist Walt a plate.
Hospitality team member Maunakapu
At the refreshments table: Emma
Congregation members fellowshiping after the service: Alice A, Marcia, Robert, Walt, Dot, Kala, others.
Kerry, Noah the Elder, and Jonah
The bassists of our band: Robert (electric bass and vocals) and Walt (string bass)
Marcia smiling.
Band leader Alice
Antoine and Cheyenne heading out toward the car to go home.