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Ice Cream Sunday Services 3/6/2011

Noah the younger ringing the sanctus bell at the first service as Father Paul raises the host
Photo by Kevin
Unpopulated view of our new special Kids Service setup.
Populated view of our special Kids Service setup.
Sound tech Kevin with a mischievious character behind him.
It takes team work to put rabbit ears on Emma.
Luella and Cheryl laughing as they make last-minute changes to the Sunday Plus projection.
Guitarist Peter warming up.
Drake doing the readings.
Father Paul reading the gospel near the altar in the center of the room.
Father Paul preaching.
A front row of girls during the service.
Treasurer Jeff handing out cups of M&Ms to everyone during the service.
A view down a diagonal aisle of Father Paul preaching
Father Paul gesturing as he preaches.
Worship leader Alice smiling at during the sermon.
View over the congregation as the congregation recites part of the Creed: "On the third day he arose again"
edge member Noah the Elder leading the prayers.
Exchanging the peace during the service.
Treasurer Jeff giving the announcements, starting with saying thanks for the recycling that supports edge's Compassion International child, and the canned goods for St Stephen's food pantry.
Marcia with her world-class smile.
People of all ages at the ice cream table.