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Sunday Service and special music 3/20/2011

Panorama of the second service.
Ukulele player J.D. before the service.
Guest violinist Nicole rehearsing with band singer/violinist Deidre before the service. They teamed up with bassist Walt to perform a trio piece called "The Ghost".
Deidre talking with Nicole after their rehearsal, with Walt visible behind Deidre.
Nicole, Deidre and Walt rehearsing again.
Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil: singer Wynne, J.D., and sound tech Kevin team up.
Father Paul preaching.
Dot and Mario exchanging the peace. Others in the picture include Cheryl, Grace, Malcom, Jeff D, Maunakapu, and Tim.
Bob H doing announcements.
Father Paul adding his bit to the announcements.
Nicole, Deidre and Walt performing during the service.
View from below of Nicole and Deidre performing during the service.