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Good Friday Service 4/22/2011

Panoramic view of starting the Stations of the Cross out in the school courtyard.
Panoramic view partway through the stations, out near the parking lot as the sunset is fading.
Panoramic view: Back inside the church for Father Paul's sermon.
Treasurer Jeff D and daughter Hope.
Congregation standing during the readings.
Newsletter editor Bob W reading from the Book of Isaiah.
Father Paul preparing to start the first Station of the Cross.
Father Paul starting another Station of the Cross: Jesus carries his cross.
Another Station of the Cross, after sunset, with little more than parking lot lights for illumination.
A long exposure to bring out the existing light.
Father Paul in cassock.
Terri and foster daughter at one of the stations.
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul preaching.
View over the congregation of Father Paul leading the Solemn Collects. Also in the picture: Denny and Briana.