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Easter Sunday 4/24/2011

Alleluia - He is RISEN!

And welcome to Hometown Nazareth, including a carpenter's shop, an olive oil shop, a farm, a bead shop, a wine shop, and the opportunity to visit Mary at home and hear her stories about Jesus.

Panoramic view of the Easter service.
People enjoying potluck together after the service.
Altar Guild member Kala putting the finishing touches on the altar before the service.
Bandmembers getting ready before the service: Robert, Walt, Peter M and Alice A.
Altar with song lyrics projected beside it.
A smiling Jeff H at the soundboard.
Father Paul reading the gospel with the congregation standing in the background.
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul pointing his finger upward as he preaches: "He is RISEN!"
Bishop's committee member Cheryl leading the prayers.
Exchanging the peace: Father Paul, Cathee, and the two Bobs.
Newsletter editor Bob W smiles as he surveys the congregation before doing the announcments.
Children with Easter baskets gathered after the service as Sarah K gets ready to start their egg hunt.
Another view of children before the egg hunt.
A young visitor putting an egg into his Easter bag.
Young Easter egg hunters
Photo by Vicki
Several egg hunters in action, one toddler being helped by her mother.
Photo by Vicki
Four young children running about picking up eggs.
A toddler gathering eggs with her mother's help.
Cheyenne doing a happy dance with her basketful of eggs.
Photo by Vicki
A young egg hunter checking the status of her Easter basket.
Photo by Vicki
Mother, daughter and son taking a break from the hunt for a smiling hug.
Photo by Vicki
Kelly C leading the older children back from their hunt, pointing to remind them where to trade in their eggs for goodie bags.
Bob W accepting the bag of the first child to finish collecting eggs.
Colin dumping eggs from his bag onto the trade-in table.
A young girl carefully pulling eggs from her basket one by one.
A young boy grinning as he gets his basket back filled with a goodie bag.
A young lady with a well-stuffed Easter basket.
A young boy pulling eggs from his basket in handfuls. Well, three eggs is a handful for his hands.
A very young girl receiving back her elaborately-decorated pink Easter basket, now stuffed with a goodie bag.
Nicole gathering eggs from a young girl who carefully brings them out one at a time.
Families eating together after the service.
Terri, Michael and Daughters of the King president Shauna talking as they eat together.
A visitor filling a plate with our great potluck.
Hospitality team members Brandie and Flossie in action
People talking together: Michelle, Antoine, others.
People at the potluck table: Maunkapu, Doug, Tom, and a visitor.
People at the potluck table, including Brandie, Vicki, Alice A, and others.
Brandie replacing empty trays with full ones.
Kanoe and her great smile.
Kelly paying serious attention to his food.
Bob W, gatekeeper at the Hometown Nazareth entrance, giving a grin and a shaka for the camera.
Photo by Vicki
Bob W offering shekels for admission to our special Hometown Nazareth production.
Children and parents enjoying the Bead Bazaar
Photo by Vicki
A young girl squeezing olives at the Olive Oil shop.
Photo by Vicki
Madison smiling
Photo by Vicki
Photo by Vicki
Madison and girls at the Olive Oil shop
Photo by Vicki
Noah the younger sporting a very happy face!
Photo by Vicki
Nicole appearing as Jesus' mother Mary
Photo by Vicki
Kerry in the Carpenter's Shop helping a boy get started
Photo by Vicki
Deidre ran the olive oil shop, where children could learn to crush olive oil from real olives.
A lucky young lady holding a baby.
Kidzone teacher Rose S teaching a young girl how to plant seeds, water and care for plants at the farm.
A young girl crushing grapes (also known as water balloons) in the vat to make grape juice.
Kidzone teacher Kerry smiling in the carpenter's shop, where kids could hammer nails and glue styrofoam together.
Noah the Younger nailing two pieces of styrofoam together.
A young lady still holding the baby.
A young lady crushing salt as part of preparing an olive oil scrub.
A crowd of children gathered around Mary as she tells the story of becoming Jesus' mother.
A bunch of children at the carpenter's shop.
A young girl crushing what looks like a cookie together with her salt.
A very young girl making a necklace at the bead shop.
A very young boy threading beads onto his necklace at the bead shop.
Photographer Vicki showing a picture to a visitor.
The line for the potluck was long!
Photo by Vicki
Father Paul and Emma
Photo by Vicki
A smiling young visitor.
Photo by Vicki
Another smiling young visitor.
Photo by Vicki
Dot and Drake
Photo by Vicki
Bob H gets a kiss from Hope while her dad Jeff D holds her
Photo by Vicki
Jeff D kissing Hope
Photo by Vicki
Hope trying out dad's sunglasses
Photo by Vicki
Noah the elder doing his impression of a teenager.
Photo by Vicki
What would life be without a collection of teens being teenagers?
Photo by Vicki
A mother and her baby boy
Photo by Vicki
Aileen with children and grandchild
Photo by Vicki
Grandmother and mother kissing grandson
Photo by Vicki
The baby's bright smiling mother
Photo by Vicki
Running around in circles can be very entertaining for a young boy.
Photo by Vicki
Colin strutting in from the playground.
Photo by Vicki
Father Paul, Sarah, Noah the younger, Emma and two teenage foreign students grinning for their portrait.
Photo by Vicki
A world-class smile in action.
Photo by Vicki
Two world-class smiles in action. Watch out, world!
Photo by Vicki