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St Nick's Church

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St Nicholas' at the Pride4Ewa Festival 4/30/2011

Close up of Luella as Lizzie paints a heart on her.
Photo by Kevin
Lizzie's mother Maile painting Lizzie's face.
Photo by Kevin
Kala sitting at the St Nicholas' table with examples of her Hawaiian handcraft work.
Photo by Kevin
Kala talking with a visitor about Hawaiian handcrafts.
Kala demonstrating how Hawaiians used leaves to help cool off.
Kala weaving leaves together.
Kala arranging leaf stems.
Facepainter Lizzie modelling.
Luella smiling. She coordinated St. Nicholas' appearance at the festival.
Closeup of Lizzie painting a flower on her mother's face.
Kevin and Brandie at the St Nicholas table.
Lizzie painting a young visitor's face.
Paul C and David J grinning.
A shot of the crowd gathered under the the festival.
Some of the other fun at the festival included pony rides ...
... train rides ...
... elaborate bounce houses ...
... rock climbing ...
... and just the general joy of bouncing!
If bouncing was too much, you could try out a seat in a glider.
Some examples of plate lunches.
The Pride4Ewa T-shirt
Luella painting the face of a young child.
Closer view of Luella painting.
Even closer view of Luella painting.
Pirate faces were popular with young boys.
A young boy walking his dog.
Hula dancers performing.
Lizzie working on a pirate face.
One of Kala's Hawaiian craft creations.
Luella face painting a pirate.