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Ice Cream Sunday 5/1/2011

Reciting the Creed together during the service
In The Nick of Time bassist Robert
Christine doing the readings
Father Paul preaching
Father Paul demonstrating the art of teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle without training wheels.
Father Paul distributing bandanas for use as blindfolds.
Watching the sermon: Hospitality team member Alice S, head greeter Dot, and Paul C.
Watching the sermon: Deanna, Grace, Doug, Jeff D, Hope and Echo.
Pua helping put on blindfolds for our child-volunteers.
Christine leading her blind-folded mother Jennifer C on a walk through the congregation.
Christine and Jennifer smiling together sitting down afterwards.
Pua led a group of five children. In this picture, she's just starting to get them seated.
In The Nick of Time singer Alice A and husband John.
Maria, Jeff H and singer/violinist Deidre laughing at one of Father Paul's jokes.
Father Paul sharing candy with the volunteers afterwards.
Father Paul finishing up his sermon about going out to share the Word of God with others.
edge member Noah the Elder leading the prayers.
Bishop's committee member Cheryl standing beneath "Forgive, restore and strengthen us ... " on the projector screen.
Exchanging the peace
Dot giving the announcements.
Cathe talking with Ana after the service.
Lines of people at the ice cream table, where Jeff H and Deidre served up delicious ice cream sundaes!
A young lady with a big smile as Jeff adds caramel sauce to her ice cream.
Deidre smiling in welcome as she reaches for a scoop. "What flavor would you like?"
This being the season of Easter, our banner of the Risen Christ, decorated with gold.