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St Nick's Church

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Mothers Day 5/8/2011

People enjoying the Mothers Day brunch after the service.
Singer/violinist Deidre checking her music before the service started.
Singer/guitarist Peter M quietly running through a song before the service.
Father Paul raising his hand during his sermon.
Father Paul preaching.
Dot's mother and father.
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul grinning as he preaches.
Cathe exchanging the peace with Dot's mother.
Hospitality team member Alice S getting the brunch table ready.
Mothers lined up at the brunch table.
A young mother and her son at the brunch table.
Marcia smiling.
Dot S.
The other half of duelling photographers.
Cheryl and daughter Pualei.
People gathered at the brunch table.
Hope and her mother Echo.
Echo looking very serious.
Father Paul talking with one of our military members.
Sarah K smiling as she talks with someone.
Michelle W and John talking with Dot's parents.
Nicole, Matt and two children.