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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 5/15/2011

Father Paul just starting his sermon.
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Another view over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul gesturing during his sermon.
Father Paul grinning.
Briana and Doris exchanging the peace.
Jeff D and Mario getting ready to exchange the peace.
Kala and Briana exchanging the peace as Shauna and Cathe look on.
Young ladies at the refreshments line as hospitality team members Mauankapu and Alice S serve.
Doug and Sarah K talking.
Another view of the refreshments line.
Visitor David and his young son.
Dot S, Cathe and Deidre talking after the service.
Father Paul and Doug talking.
Noah the elder, Drake and and unidentified young man talking after the service.
Noah the younger and Emma.
Altar Guild members Briana and Kala tending the altar after the service.