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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 5/22/2011

Deidre with her violin from inside the band before the service.
Father Paul preaching.
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul offering forgiveness after the confession.
"The peace of the Lord be always with you."
Exchanging the peace. People in the picture: Cathe, Sarah K, Grace, Malcom, Marie, Maunakapu, Jeff H.
Graduation cake for edge member Noah the elder, who was graduating that day so he couldn't be at church.
Hospitality team member Alice S slicing the graduation cake.
Hope and her mother Echo.
Jeff H, our extraordinary sound- and ice-cream-man, husband of the equally-extraordinary singer-violinist-strategic-planner Deidre, and father of the Awesome and Amazing Nicole!
Alice S serving graduation cake to Aileen with Echo in line.
Christine and a friend sharing a fruit rollup.
Talking together: Jeff, Nicole, Deidre and Aileen.
Jennifer C and Ashley laughing as they each consume sugar in their preferred ways (frosting and hot chocolate, respectively).
Putting things away after the service: Cheryl pushing in the cart that will hold the disassembled musical equipment while altar guild member Kala tends to the altar. Christine and her friend look on.
People having lunch at the ministry team meeting after the service: Bob H, Bob W, Father Paul.