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St Nick's Church

St Nick's Photo Gallery

Memorial Day Weekend Beach Barbeque 5/28/2011

Noah the Younger and Christine at the water
Photo by Kevin
Noah the Younger, Christine and Ashley
Photo by Kevin
Noah the Younger dousing Kelly with a bucket of water
Photo by Kevin
Noah the Younger, Kelly and Ashley in the water
Photo by Kevin
Christine focussing on fingernails as a wave pounds around her feet
Photo by Kevin
Noah the Younger celebrating a wave
Photo by Kevin
People on the beach: Ashley, Noah the Younger, Christine, Kelly, Father Paul and others
Photo by Kevin
Father Paul in the water with a wink and a shaka
Photo by Kevin
Sarah K heading up a wave slope
Photo by Kevin
A teenage visitor studying a wave
Photo by Kevin
Sarah K and Father Paul in the water
Photo by Kevin
Kelly starting his takeoff while body surfing
Photo by Kevin
Sarah K boogyboarding atop a wave
Photo by Kevin
Echo seen through the rising heat of the charcoal grill
Photo by Kevin
Men getting the grill started
Photo by Kevin
Kelly and Ashley awaiting an oncoming wave
Photo by Kevin
Mike M helping his niece bury herself in the sand
Photo by Kevin
Noah the Younger digging a trench in the sand
Photo by Kevin
Treasurer Jeff D dousing his laughing daughter Hope in the water
Photo by Kevin
Emma and Christine running up out of a wave
Photo by Kevin
St Nick's folk at the beach
Photo by Kevin
Jeff D holding Hope aloft as he and Kelly greet an incoming wave
Photo by Kevin
Christine watching as Colin floats near his surfboard and Daryl comes swimming in
Photo by Kevin
A panorama of St Nick's people gathered under tents, talking and just doing various picnic things
Photographer Kevin heading toward the beach for some in-the-water photographs
Pua, Cheryl and Makamae setting their stuff up
Jennifer C and her phone
Sarah K kicking furiously as she rides a wave
A teenage visitor riding a wave
Father Paul making his way out toward the waves on a boogyboard
Father Paul waiting for a wave
Kevin in the water with camera in hand
Kevin preparing to photograph Father Paul
Kevin in the water sequence #1: Just spotted a target
Kevin in the water sequence #2: Getting settled to take the photograph
Kevin in the water sequence #3: Taking the winning shot
Emma and Christine talking at the beach
Father Paul and Kelly heading out to the waves on boogyboards
Doug with just his head and hands emerging from the surf as he comes in
Father Paul riding a breaking wave in while Kelly waits behind him for the next
Drake kicking as he gets ready to catch a wave on his boogyboard
Bob H looking like an Englishman at the beach
Martin holding his son in the shade
People arriving at the picnic: Colin with Alice Diane and Alice Kay
Sarah K and one of the exchange students staying with them
Emma and Ashley taking a food break with the "Hollywood" look
Hope laughing as she enjoys the water faucet
Kevin and Brandie sitting together in the shade
Drake and his friends playing football
Noah the Younger and Colin gathered around a video game
Brandie smiling under her marvellous pink hat
Father Paul holding a tired Emma while listening to Igor
Singer/guitarist Peter M entertaining the crowd
People at the potluck line: Aileen, Father Paul, Carol, others.
Christine looking sideways at the beach
Mike at the beach complete with tattoo
Father Paul coming up out of the water
Colin on surfboard heading out to surf with Daryl
Colin riding in on surfboard as Daryl propels it
Peter M paddling out to do some stand-up paddling
Alice A enjoying a cool moment in the water
A wave splashing into Kelly's face with spray all around
Mother Echo and daughter Hope