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Ice Cream Sunday Service 6/5/2011

360-degree view of the church setup before the service.
View of the church as Father Paul preaches.
Father Paul reading the gospel.
Father Paul demonstrating the ascension as if Superman had done it.
Congregation listening to the sermon.
Noah the Younger looking up as Father Paul preaches about the ascension.
Makamae leading the prayers, with Kala in the background.
Father Paul offering absolution after the confession.
Exchanging the peace: Cheryl, Pualei and Makamae
Father Paul gesturing toward Noah the Younger, who contributed to the sermon today.
Father Paul talking about his superheroes after the sermon.
Dot giving the announcements.
A visitor at the refreshments line.
Jeff H and Deidre serving ice cream.
Deidre scooping ice cream for a young lady.
People gathered along the ice cream table getting scoops or sprinkling decorations.
Jeff the Ice Cream Man giving the ice cream table a big thumbs up.
Ice cream sundaes aren't complete without a cherry on top.
View of the ice cream table as Deidre puts whipped cream on Emma's ice cream. Others in line include Noah the Younger, Jonah and Noah the Elder.
Pualei, Makamae and Emma
Emma the ice cream gourmet
Jonah the cookie gourmet
Nicole the book gourmet
Altar guild member Kala taking care of the altar after the service.