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Pentecost & Kite Flying 6/12/2011

Father Paul preaching.
Some information from the video: "The mobile device will be the world's primary connection to the internet by 2020."
View of Luella operating the projector during the prayers.
Exchanging the peace: Marcia and Mario
A Pentecost Blessings cake to celebrate the birthday of the church.
A family selecting a kite to fly for Pentecost. St Nick's flies kites on Pentecost to remind us of how the Holy Spirit came "with a sound like a mighty rushing wind".
Christine adjusting her kite string.
Jennifer C with toddler Hope.
Mom launching a kite.
Father and daughters flying kites.
A clump of kite flyers and kites, including Martin and J.D.
Kite flying takes concentration!
A rainbow-spiralled kite mounting skyward.
J.D. watching as a sled kite climbs.
The rainbow-spiral kite at altitude.
Ashley seemingly flinging her kite into the air. Unfortunately, her kite is the one on the ground by her feet.
Ashley lifting her kite for launching.
The sled kite starting to tip to one side. It soon slid right back to the ground.
A blue Hawaii print kite climbing skyward.
A Disney Cars kite grinning down from the sky.
Singer Wynne launching the sled kite: #1 Position is everything.
Singer Wynne launching the sled kite: #2 The release, key moment of a kite's flight.
Singer Wynne launching the sled kite: #1 And there it goes!
Igor helping Noah the Younger launch his kite.
I think a group of kite flyers should be called an excitement, don't you?
Sarah K and Noah getting their kite high into the air.
Even toddler Hope has a kite flying.
Igor running to get his kite airborn.
Treasurer Jeff D working on getting their kite into the air while daughter Hope watches.