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St Nick's Church

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Fathers Day 6/19/2011

Panoramic view of the service during Father Paul's sermon.
Fathers Day cake.
Luella laughing before the service.
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul
Bob H bowing his head as Father Paul offers absolution.
Maunkapu greets a line of fathers (and one someday father) at the Fathers Day potluck.
Alice A talking on her phone.
Father Paul grinning in the potluck line, along with Emma and Aileen.
A rare photograph of the photographer, David.
Maile and Lizzy
Jazmine, J.D., Alice A, Sarah K, Igor, John A.
A smiling Vicki A with Madison and one of Madison's friends.
Sarah and Igor laughing.
Lizzy on the playground with hair blowing wildly about.
Young boys on the slide, with James partway down.
Tables full of people eating and talking together after the service.
Lizzy running up the slide.
Lizzy and James hanging out together at the top of the slide.
Jonah and Noah the Elder looking like they're preparing for a martial arts competition.
Lizzy eating cake and Maile laughing.