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St Nick's Day Camp at Mokuleia 6/25/2011

A view of the beach by Camp Mokuleia, with some St Nick's people in kayaks.
A view of a beach by Camp Mokuleia, with two people who were attending the St Nick's camp.
A panorama of St Nick's day camp setup.
On the beach: Christine, Ashley, Noah the younger, Emma.
On the beach: Father Paul, Christine, Ashley, Noah the younger, Emma.
On the beach: Sarah K and Igor.
In the water: Emma.
In the water: Christine, Emma, Noah the younger.
In the water: Ashley, Christine.
Dancing by the waves: Emma.
Going out to sea: Ashley, Christine and Kelly being launched in a kayak by the lifeguard.
Two kayaks at sea: Sarah K and Igor in the left one; Kelly, Christine and Ashley in the right.
Cathe and Mario heading out to sea in a beautiful white kayak.
A smiling Cathe organized the day camp. St Nick's also surprised her with a birthday celebration!
At sea: Mario, Martin, and Martin's son.
Afloat in a kayak: Doug.
Pualei profile.
Photographer Makamae.
Martin and his son resting from the water.
Shauna and Cathe as Cathe reads the surprise birthday card.
Emma and Makamae.
Pualei and Cheryl.
Do-it-yourself sandwiches were the order-of-the-day for lunch. In the picture: Cathe, Pualei, Makamae, Martin, Father Paul, Mario.
Tim brought a fabulous inflatable wading pool for the little ones.
Makamae (posing in the water) while Pualei takes pictures.
Emma floating in the pool with a pair of shakas.
Cheryl laughing on the beach.
Newsletter editor Bob W shooting photos at the pool.
It wouldn't be a St Nick's camp without the water balloon fight. Here's a group of people filling up water balloons: Cathe, Noah the Younger, Mario, Martin, Martin's son, others.
Mario filling up a balloon.
Mario and kids gathered around the balloon tub.
Mario starting another balloon. Also in picture: Martin.
Water balloon fight: Igor and Father Paul racing for the tub of balloons.
Igor throwing a balloon at Father Paul (white balloon caught in flight). Also in picture: Noah the Younger preparing for balloon impact.
Closeup of Noah the Younger darting in for a load of balloons.
More people around the balloon tub: Father Paul, Noah the Younger, Luella, Tammy and kids.
Wider view of the balloon fight: Tammy and daughter, Father Paul, Noah the Younger, Martin, Mario, Luella, Martin's son, Igor.
Martin, Mario and Martin's son targetting people around the balloon tub.
Tammy's son flinging a balloon (green balloon shown in flight).
Father Paul breaking a balloon right over Luella.
Mario about to catch an incoming balloon.
Noah the Younger trying to move out of the way as Martin's son starts to throw a balloon at him.
Mike M throwing a balloon at a running Noah the Younger.
Martin dodging a balloon from Noah the Younger.
Makamae strolling along with camera in hand.
Cheryl showing a water-drawn sign on her back.
Luella and Cheryl after the balloon fight.
Noah the Younger watching the fire lighting process.
John A
Emma just about coming up to her father's waist.
Guitarist Peter M provided music.
Mike M and Pualei talking.
Martin and his son at the beach.
Alice A having a comfortable seat after a swim at the beach.
Marshmallows over an open fire.
Makamae roasting marshmallows with camera and a big smile.
Pualei with her marshmallows.
Roasting marshmallows: Sarah K, Makamae, Pualei.
Cleaning up afterwards: Luella, Martin and Cheryl teaming up to drain and deflate the wading pool.
Pualei enjoying her s'more.
Noah the Younger and other children roasting marshmallows.
A chocolate purist roasted a marshmallow-less s'more.
Another thing to enjoy at the beach: a good book!
Mike M's turn with Makamae's camera. Doesn't he look like a pro, that eagle-eye looking for another shot to take?
On the beach around sunset: Sarah K, Makamae, Emma, Igor.