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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 6/26/2011

Panoramic view of the service from the side.
View over the congregation of Father Paul laughing as he starts his sermon.
Projectionist Austin listening to the sermon.
View of the projection screen with Austin silhouetted against it.
Father Paul showing a humorous way to look at things through God's glasses.
Father Paul showing how to take a look at things through God's monocle.
View of Austin at the projector during the Creed.
Father Paul offering absolution.
Sets of hands exchanging the peace.
Various people exchanging the peace.
Jazmine at the potluck line.
At the potluck line: Marcia, Jazmine, Cathe, hospitality team member Maunakapu, and others.
In the potluck line: Aileen, Peter M, Doug, Aida, Father Paul and Emma.
Hope learning to drive already.
Hope spotting the paparazzi.