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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 7/10/2011

Panoramic view of the service as Father Paul starts to preach.
Panoramic view of people staying afterwards to eat and talk. Hi, Vicki and Alice A!
Guitarist Peter M raising his hand to the Lord.
Deanna giving the old testament reading.
Worship leader Kelly leading the prayers.
While others exchange the peace, Alice A spends some time reading the bulletin with grandson Colin.
Ushers Jennifer C and Marcia coming up to the front to begin taking up the offering.
Marcia handing a collection basket to treasurer Jeff D.
Father Paul standing behind the altar, singing the offering song.
Father Paul raising the offering toward Heaven.
Father Paul holding the bread and wine toward the congregation saying "The Gifts of God for the People of God."
Chalice bearer Shauna offering Peter M the cup.
Shauna and Father Paul distributing communion.
Distributing communion: Jonah, Doug, Emma, Noah the Younger, and Sarah K in line.
Distributing communion to Marie and Martin.
Distributing communion to some of our youth.
Distributing communion to Jazmine, J.D., and a young boy.
Bassist Matt and guitarist Peter M.
Bassist Matt
Singing the closing song: Vicki, Colin, Alice A, John A, others.
Singing the closing song: Sarah K, Doug, newsletter editor Bob W, others.
Singing the closing song: Pam, Luella, Bob W, others.
Deidre was ecstatic to be back at church.
Talking after the service: dok president Shauna, Deidre and Jeff H.
Hope walking as she drinks from a cup. She's growing so fast!