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Focus on the Service - Sunday service 7/31/2011

High-angle view of the service.
Worship band opening the service, including singer/guitarists Kelly and Peter, and Father Paul on guittar. Barely visible (seated in the back row): J. D. on ukulele, and Wynne and Kala singing.
John W doing the readings.
Dot putting her best projection forward.
Father Paul reading the gospel from his iPad.
Austin and his sister in the congregation listening to the sermon.
Smiling toddler Hope in the congregation during the sermon.
Father Paul offering absolution.
Vicki playing with toddler Hope (held by Echo). Also in picture: Austin and Flossie.
Greeters Shauna and Marcia taking up the offering.
Father Paul behind the altar, singing the offering song (lyrics on the projector screen to his right).
Father Paul accepting the offering from Noah the Younger. Thanks for the help, Noah!
Father Paul behind the altar singing the sanctus that was written by a friend of his.
Sideshow break: Emma and Ashley watching Christine wrapping something decorative around her hand.
Father Paul lifting the chalice during communion.
A row of people in the congregation, including Tammy, Vicki, Colin and others.
Father Paul offering the bread and wine to the congregation: "The gifts of God for the People of God."