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Ice Cream Sunday 8/7/2011

The whole service during Father Paul's sermon, using our circular Ice Cream Sunday layout.
View of the congregation reciting the creed, looking down one of the aisles toward the projection image.
Father Paul reading the gospel lesson.
Father Paul demonstrating some of the techniques that people use to try to make "liquid mountaineering" (running on water) work. (It doesn't work, by the way, without God's miracle.)
In the congregation: Heather, Madison, Colin, Vicki.
Father Paul silhouetted against one of the projection screens, preaching as projector operator Luella listens.
In the congregation: edge member Nichole, Deidre, Jeff H, others.
edge member Noah the Elder leading the prayers, with Dot S in the background.
People in the congregation during the prayers.
View over the congregation during the confession.
The Ice Cream Sunday crew: connoisseur Nichole savoring a spoonful of ice cream, with Aileen just beyond her ready to scoop ice cream for someone.
Emma ordering her ice cream. Also in the picture: Paul the younger.