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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 9/11/2011

Father John and the band praying together before the service.
Deidre playing violin during the opening song.
The band in action: Kelly, Deidre, Peter M, Kala and Alice A.
Singer Kala in action, with Alice behind her singing and playing keyboards.
Peter M rocking on his guitar.
Malcom doing the Old Testament reading.
Kelly in action on vocals and guitar.
Greeter Cheryl counting the attendance.
Father John gesturing during his sermon about the presence of God and forgiveness in light of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.
Panoramic view of the congregation saying the creed together.
Father John offering the peace of God after the confession.
Bishop's warden and newsletter editor Bob W starting the announcements.
Jennifer C and Ashley in the congregation.
Panoramic view of the stage with the band in action, the projection screen and the projector team. The screen image is washed out because it's so bright compared to the rest of the stage.
Greeter Cheryl passing the offering basket.
Shot over the congregation of song lyrics on the projector screen: "Maker of heaven Giver of life / You are my strength / You're my refuge now and forevermore"
Deidre singing during the offering song.
Chalice bearer and DOK president Shauna offering Emma the cup.
Shauna smiling as Paul C dips the bread into the cup.
Treasurer Jeff D and daughter Hope taking communion.
Kelly leading the congregation in clapping to start the closing song.
People at the refreshments table, including hospitality team members Maunakapu and Flossie, Mark, Aida and others.
Bob the Fifth after the service. We have five Bobs connected with St Nicks!
Cleaning up after the service: Jennifer C and Paul C folding up one of the tables.
A service that leaves you smiling in spite of sharks is always a good service.