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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 10/9/2011

View of the service from the side during Father Paul's sermon.
Father Paul and Kala listening in the congregation as bishop's warden Bob W starts the announcements. On stage: worship leader Kelly and singer/guitarist Peter preparing instruments.
View of congregation members eating and talking together after the service.
Shot over the congregation of the congregation listening to the start of the sermon.
Closer view of Father Paul beginning his sermon.
During his sermon: Father Paul with fingers splayed on his chest.
Listening in the congregation: Jeremy, Vicki, others.
Projectionist Cheryl silhouetted against the opening of the Nicene Creed on the projector.
Malcom leading the prayers.
"We repent of the evil that enslaves us"
"Forgive, restore, and strengthen us"
Father Paul offering the peace of the Lord after the confession.
A colorful slide projection announcing that St Nick's donated a record 163 pounds of food to St Stephen's food pantry in September.
Deanna and Judy reacting with smiles to one of the announcements.
Musician's getting ready: Kelly, bassist Walt, and guitarist Peter.
Deidre doing some teaching about stewardship and the pledge drive.
Deidre teaching about stewardship and St Nick's goal for this year's drive, including how the amount was determined.
Deidre showing how our goal translates to per pledging unit and talks about tithing.
edge member Nicole videorecording Deidre's presentation.