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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 10/9/2011

Father Paul preaching.
Congregation standing while reciting the Apostles Creed together.
edge member Pua leading the prayers.
Title screen of the pledge driver video "The Adventures of Deidre the Pledge Driver" made by Deidre and Jeff H.
One of the video frames: Deidre looking around for the elusive tither.
One of the video frames: Deidre grinning as she shows the preferred device for catching tithers (a butterfly net).
Jeff running onto the trail, he's sighted a big tither!
Deidre heading into the forest after the big tither.
Concluding message of the video: "Don't forget to fill out your pledge card!"
Bassist Walt after the service. Farewell, Walt, and stay in touch!
Hospitality team member Maunkapu arranging refreshments. Behind her, Malcom and Rose S enjoy theirs!