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Deacon Corey's Ordination 10/28/2011

View over the congregation toward the back of the cathedral as the procession begins.
Hawaiian chanting led the procession in.
The bishop seated as he begins the ordination ceremony.
The people from St Nicholas' presenting Corey for ordination: Bob H, Father Paul, Luella, Bob W.
Other people who presented two of the other ordination candidates.
Bishop Bob addressing the candidates.
The candidates listening as Corey responds to the bishop.
Bishop Bob preparing for the laying on of hands, with the candidates kneeling in front of him.
Bishop Bob laying hands on one of the candidates.
Bishop Bob laying hands on Corey.
The candidates standing afterwards as the bishop continues the ordination ceremony.
Corey receiving the Bible given him by the bishop.
Amy receiving the Bible given her by the bishop.
Corey and another of the new deacons preparing the wine for the euchrist.
Bishop Bob with the new deacons beginning the Euchrist.
A view of the euchrist from the rear of the cathedral.
St Andrews' choir singing a hymn.
The bishop saying the blessing over the bread with three of the new deacons visible with him behind the altar.
A view from the rear of the cathedral, with the bishop and the new deacons praying over the wine.
Beginning of the recessional after the service.
Father John and Carol congratulating Corey after the service.
St Nick's bishop's committee member Cheryl giving Corey a lei.
St Nick's member Kala giving Corey a lei.
St Nick's member Jeremy giving fellow Navy man Corey a hug.
Jeremy and Corey grinning together.
Corey looking happy.
Corey laughing with Father Paul.