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Deacon Corey's First Sunday & "Trunk or Treat" 10/30/2011

Two dynamic duos during the offertory: Kelly and Peter on guitars, Deacon Corey and Father Paul at the altar.
Worship team praying before the service: projectionist Martin, Luella, Deacon Corey, Father Paul. Not visible behind them: musicians Kelly and Peter.
Worship leader Kelly (left) and singer/guitarist Peter (right) playing.
Guitarist Peter playing during the gospel hymn.
Deacon Corey, Father Paul and Kala singing.
Deacon Corey reading the gospel.
Congregation members listening to the gospel: Tammy, her son, Flossie, Marcia, Dot and Drake.
Corey preaching #1: happy and excited. This was his first sermon after being ordained a deacon on the Friday before.
Corey preaching #2: he was still so excited he said that he still felt like he was flying.
Corey preaching #3
Corey preaching #4
Deidre leading the prayers.
Father Paul offers the peace of the Lord.
Part of a projected video of Friday's ordination service. Corey is kneeling, second from the left, with Bishop Bob laying his hand on him. For additional pictures from the ordination, see the Ordination Photo Gallery.
Part of a video of Stewardship chair Deidre talking about tracking down the elusive tither.
Deidre talking about levels of pledging and various ways to figure out how much and how to contribute.
Corey lifting the offering basket and Father Paul lifting the bread and wine during the doxology.
Father Paul at the altar breaking the bread as Corey waits on the left.
Corey lifting the wine, Father Paul lifting the bread: "The gifts of God for the people of God."
Corey offering the wine to Kala.
Kala leading a prayer during the communion song.
Deidre smiling outside after the service.
A view of the "Trunk or Treat" event we held after the service. People decorated their car trunks and distributed goodies to a horde of costumed children.
One of the "Trunk or treat" decorated cars.
Cheryl and edge member Pua with their "Trunk or Treat" decorated car.
Marie and her son checking out their decorated car.
Father Paul and someone costumed as the devil. Sorry, your photographer missed the picture when Father Paul had the devil in a headlock!
Ariel, Dawn and their children (cleverly disguised as Indiana Jones and a werworlf!) posing in front of their decorated truck.
A big-eared, green headed space alien of some sort appeared.
The space alien, with Tammy the Tiger in front of their decorated car.
Doug adding some music to his car, decorated as a shark complete with bits of bodies, diving fins and the soundtrack from Jaws.
Martin posing beside his and Marie's decorated car.
Marie, Cheryl, other mothers and a collection of costumed children running around the decorated cars.
A young lady straight from a modernized version of Alice in Wonderland.
Facial shot of a weird hybrid monster, apparently a cross between a paper plate and a lion.
The back of Father Paul's decorated car with Noah the Younger in the stocks. Emma and Colin look on.
Another decorated car, complete with a young vampire who appears to have successfully beheaded the space alien. At least the alien's head is there near her feet. (Of course, maybe the alien doesn't need its head all the time!
Indiana Jones checking out the pumpkin patch, presided over by Snoopy on his dog house.
Noah expressing his opinion of being in the stocks, or demonstrating the behavior that got him put in the stocks, as Colin looks on.
Fearsome Pirate Martin, dead at last in the jaws of Doug's shark car.
A young hand checking how a well-carved jack'o'lantern feels.
A young werewolf. So young, and already such a well-developed set of fangs!
The most important person in Saint Nicholas: Cheryl, master of after-service equipment tear down and packing, preparing the base of a music stand for packing.