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Ice Cream Sunday 11/6/2011

Panoramic view of the auditorium during Father Paul's sermon.
Congregation standing to recite baptismal vows together.
Father Paul running during his sermon.
Matt, Aileen and grandaughter saying the baptismal vows together.
Father Paul leading the vows. Also in the picture: Bob H, Bob W, Emma, Pamela.
edge member Pua leading the prayers.
Sarah K and Father Paul exchanging the peace (apparently in the form of Emma).
Lizzy looking back at the announcer as Maile follows the announcements on the bulletin.
Kerry and Jonah
Emma sitting on Father Paul's knee.
Martin, Marie and son
Kelly and Peter M on stage preparing for the offering song.
Bassist Matt on stage.
Stewardship chair Deidre using a skeleton to explain how the various parts of stewardship connect together.
Jeremy after the service.
A boy enjoying the blessing that today was Ice Cream Sunday, with a crunchy, ice-cream-filled cone and a bowl with a slice of chocolate cake.