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First Sunday of Advent 11/27/2011

Panoramic view of the service during Father Dale's sermon.
Father Dale getting started on his sermon.
Picture of the altar with Advent candles silhouetted against the "Sermon by Fr. Dale Klitzke" slide.
View from the side of the congregation listening to Father Dale's sermon.
Greeter Dot exchanging the peace with young lady Quincy.
Treasurer Jeff D exchanging the peace with Dot, with other people in the congregation around them.
Echo and Jeff D in the congregation.
Dot smiling with Drake in the congregation.
Tim with his family in the congregation.
A row of people in the congregation, including Grace, Deanna S, Austin, and visiting missionary Janine.
Stewardship chair Deidre and Father Paul laughing as he holds up the sign for the first lesson she learned while being stewardship chair: God speaks to us in whispers.
Deidre introducing next year's stewardship chair, Cathe.