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Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany 2/5/2012

Panoramic view from the stage of Father Paul preaching in the round during our Ice Cream Sunday service.
Father Paul, a young man and Jeff H during the Audience Participation part of the sermon.
A view of the sermon, with Jeff H being the example.
Guitarist Peter warming up before the service.
Sermon participation starring Colin and Mario. Father Paul raises his hands to show what Mario's supposed to do each time Colin jumps up as part of his exercise routine: raise his hands and shout "Hallelujah!"
Colin and Mario raising their hands together.
Father Paul gesturing as he gets Emma started on her part of the participatory sermon.
Father Paul wrapping up his sermon after the participants have worn themselves out.
Jeff H still being a sermon example.
Jeff H still being an example - of how hard it can be to hold your arms straight out from your sides for five minutes!
In the congregation: Kala, Colin, John A, Alice A.
edge member Pua leading the prayers.
Greeter Shauna smiling.
Father Paul reading from his iPad as he offers absolution.
Guest guitarist Christine checking her song sheet while Kelly tunes her guitar.
Christine smiling as she holds her guitar.
Deidre and Jeff H serving ice cream to a line of childredn including Nicole, Christine, Ashley and others.
Jeff H scooping ice cream into a bowl.
Mario and Marie in the ice cream line.
Christine spotting the camera as she eats ice cream.
Drake looking up toward the camera while sipping tea through a straw.