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First Sunday in Lent 2/26/2012

A bow-tie shaped view of the service during Father Paul's sermon.
Kevin adjusting the soundboard before the service.
Video programmer Martin making last-minute changes to the video show while Marie reports the results and video operator Pua watches what he's doing.
Happiness is a mother with a happy baby.
Father Paul reaching dramatically during his sermon.
Father Paul laughing during his sermon.
Singer and DOK member Kala leading the prayers of the people.
A string of peace: Dot and Cathe exchanging the peace, while behind them singer/guitarist Peter exchanges the peace with someone else.
After the service: our new class of video operators get some training on the software.
DOK president Shauna smiling with nametag.
Hospitality team member Alice S serving a slice of cake for a young lady.
Hospitality team in action: Flossie serving noodles, Alice S waiting to serve cake, and various people in line.
Talking together after the service: Mario, Cathe, Audrey, and others.
A plate of today's goodies: egg salad sandwich, noodles with shrump, cake and cherry cobbler. Yummy!