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Ice Cream Sunday 3/4/2012

View of the service during the opening Decalog and confession.
Father Paul offering absolution after the confession at the start of the service.
Ariel the younger doing the readings.
Father Paul lifting the Word of God after reading the gospel.
View of the service during Father Paul's sermon.
Another view of the service as Father Paul gestures to emphasize a point.
Smaller view of the service during Father Paul's sermon.
Ariel the elder and his family during the service.
In the congregation: Jennifer C, Emma, Sarah and Kelly.
Christine leading the prayers.
At the refreshments table: hospitality team member Flossie, Ashley and another young girl.
Nicole savoring the taste of something. Perhaps after she's made her mark in the world of architecture, she'll open a gourmet restaurant.
A classic ice cream dish: vanilla ice cream, assorted sprinkles and butterscotch sauce. You can't go wrong with this!
Thank you for making Ice Cream Sunday happen, Jeff the Ice Cream Man (shown here scooping up vanilla).