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Good Friday Service 4/1/2012

Opening of the service.
Father Paul processing in silently to begin the service.
Beginning with silent prayer.
Father Paul processing out to begin the stations of the cross.
Mario and Cathe and others processing out after Father Paul.
First station of the cross outside.
Outside during one of the stations: the two Bobs and a young lady following along.
View over the congregation at one of the stations of the cross.
At the seventh station: Father Paul holding the cross, a young man holding sign sign showing which station it is, DOK president Shauna readging the passage for this station.
Bob H following the passage at one of the stations.
People following the passage at one of the stations: Tom, Angie, Jeremy, Madison, others.
View of the service during Father Paul's sermon.
Father Paul preaching, silhouetted against the project screen.
Singer-guitarist Peter performing the opening song.
View over the congregation of the band.
Band singing the song "Wonderful Cross".
View over the congregation during "Wonderful Cross".