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Sunday Service 4/22/2012

The refreshments table after the service, with Malcolm, Rose, Ashley, Noah the Younger, Maunakapu and Flossie.
A view of the altar from behind before the service.
Father Paul gesturing as he preaches.
Father Paul pointing toward his daughter's hand-drawn illustration for today's sermon.
View over the congreation of Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul preaching.
Father Paul preaching with his fingers.
View of the altar including the elements and the banner.
View through the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
The second part of the creed on the projection screen, with projectionist Dot below.
John A leading the prayers.
Father Paul offering absolution.
Candle smoke swirling above a candle.
Closeup of the flower decoration for the altar.
Altar guild member and flower decoration maker Kala cleaning up the altar after the service.
Marie smiling.
Face painting class: Instructor Tammy, Madison and Kanoe.
Face painting class: Cheryl and Michael.
Face painting class: Luella and Cheryl.
Face painting class: Aileen and granddaughter.
Face painting class: Kanoe and friend.
Face painting class: Madison.