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Ice Cream Sunday Service 5/6/2012

Father Paul offering the peace.
Christine leading the prayers with Bob W in the background.
Father Paul and Emma with their joint request on the projection screen behind them: "Hear our prayer."
Side view of the ice cream table as ice cream man Jeff H looks it over while Deidre scoops ice cream for singer-guitarist Peter M.
Christine preparing to decorate her ice cream with chocolate sauce. Behind her, Don waits patiently.
Nicole watching over the toppings table.
Dawn and her daughter after the service.
Father Paul eating ice cream.
The boys invented a new game: see if you can get your slippers or shoes stuck on the roof.
The slide was popular after the service #1.
The slide was popular after the service #2.
This young boy was totally thrilled to discover the playground.
View of the service as Father Paul reads the gospel.