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Mother's Day Sunday Service 5/13/2012

Happy Mother's Day slide
Panoramic view of the service during Father Paul's sermon, with greeter Shauna counting the attendance.
A view of the service as the congregation says the Creed together.
Inside the band: Tom "King Konga" before the service.
What the modern well-dressed young pastor's wife wears.
People laughing during the sermon: Mario and Cathe and others.
People laughing during the sermon: Maria and Martin
Don, Madison, Alice A, John A, Jeremy, Peter and others.
View over the congregation during Father Paul's sermon.
dok member Kala leading the prayers.
Confessing our sins: #1
Confessing our sins: #2
Father Paul offering absolution.
Father Paul offering the peace of the Lord.
Bob H giving the announcements while behind him guitarist Peter takes up his guitar.
Overhead view of mothers in the brunch line.
Grateful men and sons serving in the brunch line.
Supervisor Billy Bob Joe Bob keeping an eye on the serving line.
A young son serving franks and beans to Rose S.
A young man slicing pie for Rose S in the desert line. Also in the picture: Martin and Mario.