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Trinity Sunday 6/3/2012

Guitarist and singer Peter tuning the bass guitar.
Tom the Bassman
Fr Paul reading the gospel.
Panoramic view of Father Paul lifting the gospel after the reading: "This is the good news!"
Father Paul gesturing during his sermon.
"Jesus came and took God OUT of the box of rules that the Pharasees and Sadducees had put him in."
Projector operator Austin listening to the sermon.
Panoramic view #1 during Father Paul's sermon
Father Paul preaching with the congregation gathered to listen.
Ariel Junior and friends listening to the sermon.
Panoramic view #2 during Father Paul's sermon
Others listening to the sermon: worship leader Kelly, Christine, Ashley, Wynne, J.D. and Jennifer C.
Father Paul preaching.
Jeff and Deidre exchanging looks during the sermon.
A visitor laughs at something in Father Paul's sermon. Also in the picture: Dot S and Drake.
Father Paul smiling as he talks about having the devil in a box because that's where God put the devil.
Ariel Junior leading the prayers.
Panoramic view as Ariel Junior leads the prayers.
Kelly and Ashley praying.
Father Paul offering the absolution. Also in the picture (backs to the camera): singer Lizze and Maile.
Vicki A and Kathe exchanging the peace with a hug.
Dot S starting to give the announcements.
People talking together after the service: Sarah K, Emma, Angie, Vicki, Madison, Tom, Maile.