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Sunday Service 6/10/2012

Panoramic view of Episcopalians who like large amounts of personal space.
Fr Paul starting his sermon. Also in the picture: Bob H, Tammy, Grace, Pamela, treasurer Doug, and bassist/conga player Tom.
Fr Paul
View over the congregation of Father Paul preaching.
Malcom leading the prayers. Also in the picture: Bob H.
Singer and dok member Kala exchanging the peace with retired Episcopal Hawaii bishop Dick Chang.
Martin starting the announcements.
Pua getting in a good laugh with her sister Makamae. Always great to have your big sister back home!
Jazmine and J.D., with phones.
Noah the Elder at the top of the playground equipment.
Noah the Elder changing his ground upon being pursued by Ian.
Ian and a friend teaming up to surround Noah the Elder.