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Ordination of Father Corey at St George's Episcopal Church 6/22/2012

Interior view of St. George's before the ordination service begins.
View over the congregation before the service.
View from behind the altar during the beginning of the service.
Bishop Bob beginnining the examination of ordinand Corey.
All of the attending priests laying hands on Corey during the prayer that he be filled with the Holy Spirit.
St Nicholas' kupuna Kala completing the new Father Corey's priestly attire.
Kala and Corey hugging afterwards.
Father Corey with his wife Sarah and their daughters.
"Congratulations, Father Corey!"
Dinner afterwards celebrating Father Corey's ordination.
St Nick's band Singer Liz getting dinner. The dinner was provided by St Nick's member Linda C.
Liz and her mother Maile smiling together.
St Nick's hospitality team member Alice cutting the cake.
During cleanup after the service, the light of the cross lights our way to bringing his light into a dark world.