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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 6/24/2012

Father Paul beginning his sermon.
Father Paul preaching.
View through the congregation of Father Paul preaching. Also in the picture: Tom, Liz, Shauna, Aileen, Grace, Deidre, Pam, others.
DOK member Kala leading the prayers.
Father Paul offering the absolution.
Father Paul: "The peace of the Lord be always with you."
Exchanging the peace: Tim, worship leader Kelly, Mark, and others.
Aileen with cellphone, daughter and grandson.
Hospitality team members doing what they do best. In the picture: Flossie, Alice S, Emma, Colin, and Liz.
Alice A serving chicken long rice to Colin as Emma decides which fried mochi she wants, a young boy behind her studies his options, and Liz waits in line.
Cheryl and Pua after the service.
Jonah and his brother Noah the Elder slapping hands in line.
Women talking together after the service get a "What was that they said?" look from a boy passing behind them.
Jazmine, J.D., and Wynne.