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Sunday Service 7/1/2012

Panorama from a different corner: back side of the stage, including the band.
Father Paul lifting the Word of the Lord (in its iPad form)
Panoramic view from the opposite corner from the previous panorama, during Father Paul's sermon.
Father Paul preaching fervently about King David. Part 1.
Father Paul preaching fervently about King David. Part 2.
edge member Pua operating the projection computer, while Cheryl looks on.
Sarah K, Emma and Noah the Younger listening to Father Paul's sermon.
Father Paul got smiles from people with his sermon today about how patient David was, waiting to actually become king.
View from low and behind the altar with Father Paul preaching.
Closeup of Pua running the projection.
Ariel Junior leading the prayers.
Father Paul offering the absolution.
Exchanging the peace: Luella with a big grin, Cheryl and Shauna.
Exchanging the peace: Dawn, Abigail, Drake and Ariel.
Martin posing to begin the announcements.
The real sopranos: Kala and Liz. Liz is already putting on her game face - she had to play in a soccer championship match at noon today!
Father Paul and Emma