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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 7/8/2012

View from the church as the trailer waits to be unloaded.
View of the service during Father Paul's sermon.
The sonic bloodstream of the band.
Father Paul lifting the Word of the Lord with an appropriate reflection.
View of part of the congregation during Father Paul's sermon.
Deidre, Jeff H, Nicole
Father Paul demonstrating the hereditary nature of his hairstyle.
Father Paul preaching with his hands echoing the shape of the baptismal shell.
In the congregation: Ariel, Dawn, Ariel Junior, Shauna.
Father Paul preaching with the altar in view.
Anne with her oldest son.
Top of the modern altar: candles, shell, flowers, iPad.
Father Paul with Anne and her family during the baptism.
Anne's family during the baptism.
Anne, Alex and their youngest son before the baptism.
Anne with Alex and other friends and families.
Family members during the baptism.
The family during a baptism prayer.
The baptism itself.
The baptized baby with his parents after the baptism.
Father Paul annointing the baby with oil.
Anne, baby and Alex with the baptismal candle.
Newsletter editor Bob W getting ready to start the announcements.
Jeff H and Nicole listening to the announcements.
Anne, Alex and family on the lanai after the service.
Bob W gesturing as he talks with Anne's family.
At the refreshments table: hospitality team members Flossie and Alice S. Also in the picture: Pam, Doug, Noah the Younger.
High-angle view of the freshments line.
Father Paul after the service with Anne, Alex, their children and other family.
Audrey talking with Sarah K.
A smiling Mario and Cathe sitting together after the service.