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Sunday Service 8/12/2012

Band and worship team praying together before the service.
Father Paul playing guitar on the opening song.
Singer/guitarist Peter starting the opening song.
Peter singing the opening song.
Singer Liz waiting for her part to come in.
The band in action: worship leader Kelly, Peter, bassist Tom, singers Liz and Kala.
Father Paul doing the opening acclamation.
Newsletter editor Bob W doing the readings.
View over the congregation of the projected song lyrics.
Father Paul reading the gospel.
Father Paul reaching out during his sermon.
View of the service during Father Paul's sermon.
Dot leading the prayers.
Father Paul offering the peace of God.
Band and congregation watching an inexplicable video from the Stewardship Committee.
Jennifer C and Christine preparing to take the offering up to the altar.
Band and Father Paul singing the doxology.
Christine handing the offering to Father Paul.
Father Paul lifting the offering to God.
Father Paul offering the cup of wine to the congregation.
Father Paul breaking the bread.
Father Paul: "These are the gifts of God, for the people of God."
Taking communion: Marie and Martin receiving from Father Paul and Cheryl.
Taking communion: Don L and Christine
Taking communion: Various people, including Makamae and Pua.
Taking communion: Various people.
Peter and Father Paul playing during the closing song.
The men of the band during the closing song: Kelly singing, Peter and Father Paul playing guitar, and Tom playing bass.
Peter singing and playing guitar.
Father Paul playing guitar.
Coming to the end of the song: Kelly, Peter, Father Paul.