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Trinity Sunday Services 5/31/2015

Morning service at Christ's Gathering Place, Aiea

Sermon #2
Sermon #3
Want to climb the cross to the light of heaven?
Sermon #4
Morning worship leader Kelly just before beginning the service.
Father Dan during his sermon #1
Father Dan during his sermon #2
Father Dan during his sermon #3
View over the congregation during Father Dan's sermon.
People reacting to the sermon #1: Christine C, Ashley, Kelly, singer and DOK member Kala.
People reacting to the sermon #2: Becky, Christine C, Ashley, Kelly, Kala, others.
People reacting to the sermon #3: Kala laughing.
Father and daughter
Daughter and mother
Butch, King of the Congas
Father Dan during his sermon #4
Latin diagram describing the Trinity, the triune structure of God Father Son Spirit.
Peace candle at the side of the church.
Newsletter editor Bob W doing the announcements.
Father Dan offering absolution.
Exchanging the peace #1: Cheryl and Kerry
Picture of the band during the announcements. Did YOU know that today was National Macaroon Day????
Singer Kala before starting the closing song.

Afternoon service at Island Pacific Academy, Kapolei

Exchanging the peace. Left to right: Don L, Doug B, others, clergy, Kala, DOK member Briana.
Photo by Luella
St Nick's banner proudly displayed at Island Pacific Academy
Photo by Luella