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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Service 7/8/2018

Bob W and Luella
Jill reading bulletin insert
Bob H
Father Jar and Deacon Mark behind the altar during the service #1
Father Jar preaching
Father Jar and Deacon Mark behind the altar during the service #1
Cheryl doing the readings
Deacon Mark reading the gospel
Luella running the projection computer
Bob W and Luella during the sermon
Kala leading the prayers
Father Jar offering absolution
Deacon Mark smiling behind the altar
Gloria doing the announcements
Deacon Mark gesturing as he adds an announcement
Worship leader Kelly leading one of the songs
Kala singing in the band
Kaia, Gloria, Christine, Jennifer C, Ashley
Deacon Mark and Father Jar behind altar with a song verse projected above them
Usher Shauna handing the offering basket to Father Jar
Father Jar lifting the basket to God
Deacon Mark, Father Jar, with Father Jar elevating the host and an image of bread and wine projected behind them
Father Jar elevating both host and cup
Father Jar breaking the host as Deacon Mark looks on.
Deacon Mark sharing the bread with Luella
Gloria sharing the cup with Luella
Deacon Mark offering Flo the bread
Kelly dipping the bread as Gloria offers the cup
Father Jar offering the closing blessing with Deacon Mark beside him
Father Jar and Deacon Mark singing behind the altar with a verse of the closing song projected above them
Father Jar and Deacon Mark bowing toward the altar as they begin to process out.
Father Jar in the background as Deacon Mark offers the dismissal